Inspection, maintenance and testing of combustion appliances is strongly recommended by several leading authorities, including the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.  Following is a list of independent consultants which provide training for carbon monoxide testing.


Furnace Consultants
4624 SE Paulen Rd.
Berryton, KS  66409
(785) 379-9228
Furnace Consultants trains service technicians how to check for potentially dangerous furnaces in the field during a normal service visit.  Three hour on-site classes provide instruction on where to look for and how to find failed heat exchangers in older furnaces.  Training available in Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma and South Dakota areas.

Richard Heath and Associates, Inc.
Chico, CA
(530) 898-1323
Richard Heath & Associates, Inc. (RHA) pioneered CO research, standards development, and training for state and utility weatherization programs in California.  RHA has written CO Alarm Standards and developed training curriculum addressing the use of CO alarms, proper response to an alarm, determining sources of high CO, and CO mitigation procedures. For the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) in 2002, RHA conducted a state-wide project researching the affects of weatherization on CO levels in homes receiving energy efficiency upgrades. The project used sophisticated monitoring and data-recording equipment to measure CO and study reliability of CO alarms installed in test homes.

Sustainable Spaces Inc.
San Francisco, CA
(415) 845-6234
Sustainable Spaces takes a holistic approach to home performance problems. SSI solutions fix the fundamental building problems that lead to indoor air quality issues such as Carbon Monoxide, Allergens, Dust, and Mold.  SSI finds that elevated CO levels are often the result of pressure problems in the house that prevent flues from functioning properly, back drafting combustion chemicals into the living spaces.  By addressing how all of the systems in a
home functions together, using scientific diagnostic testing, SSI can solve CO and health problems, improve comfort, and reduce energy bills by as much as 40%.  .

DISCLAIMER: This list of trainers and consultants is provided as a public service for reference purposes only. We do not recommend or endorse any of the above companies. We recommend that you conduct your own independent research before purchasing product or services.

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